Finding Your Feet

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Just wanted to send you a quick email with a HUGE THANK YOU!!!
My partner and I competed in the North Face 100 on Saturday and would not have been able to do it without your help. Hanny we followed your 6 month program which while was sometimes tough, we never got sick or injured or felt like it was really too much, and therefor really enjoyed the training! Graham you helped us with our shoes and packs which both were super on the day! I was aiming for an under 18hrs result and came through at 17:05hrs, came 10th in my category and truly loved the whole experience. This was our first ultra-marathon, and before starting your program we had only ever ran on the road mostly just to keep fit, we had no idea on race day nutrition or hydration or ever thought we could run 100kms! But on the day we felt really prepared and ready, and still cannot wipe the smile off our face.
Well done guys, you are doing some really amazing stuff for people!!!